It’s eggscellent

I have a new found passion for eggs. My daughter is in the poultry club for our local 4H chapter. Every month we have a meeting and learn about the chickens we work with and the eggs that they produce. Since I work with food, this is all doubly interesting for me.

We do a lot of breakfasts and brunches here. Lots of egg based foods go out to clients. Corporate events serve the lion’s share of breakfast but we have done breakfast and brunch weddings too.

The foods are more than just your regular fried or scrambled eggs. There are omelets and frittatas. There is the french toast dipped in egg. There is eggs benedict which is interestingly covered in an egg based sauce. My favorite to make at home is eggs in a basket. The process is simple. Cut a hole in a piece of bread. I used a drinking glass to do that. Put butter in your pan and put the piece of bread with the hole cut out in the pan. Break the egg and put it in the cut out hole. A little salt and pepper and I put the cut  out piece of bread in the pan to toast. Flip the bread with the egg and the cut out piece. Finish cooking it and serve. It’s not much more than a friend egg but some of the egg combines with the bread and you get a taste of both with each bite. Simple and awesome.

So to lunch, you have the ever popular egg salad and deviled eggs. But you can go with egg foo young and egg drop soup. You can do a frittata type dish with pasta in it instead of potatoes. You might try a pickled egg or red beet egg for a snack.

If you want something sweet, yes, you should think about eggs. Eggs are a binder and are used extensively in baking. Cakes, cookies, pastries of all sorts, especially the eggy doughs in things like cream puffs. Outside of baking, eggs are used to make custards and ice cream. It is also used to make meringue, which is the famed topping of lemon meringue pie but is also the base for making a Pavlova.

Not only are eggs delicious, they are useful around the house, in your beauty regime and for gardening. Around the house, they can be used to clean leather and for decoration. Faberge couldn’t be wrong, right?

In the garden, they are a real help. If you start your own seeds, keep the shells as whole as possible. The shells contain minerals that are great for plants. Put soil and the seed in the egg. You can start 12 seeds right in the egg carton. Once they seedlings are ready to put in the ground, break the egg shell up. Put the plant in the ground and sprinkle the shells around. Not only will they break down and enhance the soil, but they keep soft bodied bugs away. If you make hard boiled eggs, let the water cool and water the plants with it. The minerals in the shells will be in the water.

As for beauty, they can be used for a face/skin cleanser. You can use it to condition your hair too. A quick internet search will give you a lot of ideas. Just be sure to use luke warm water. You don’t want to cook the egg into your hair.

I hope that you have a new appreciation for eggs like we do.


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