Catering with kids

Once you get past any debate over whether you should have kids are your reception, you want to have a kid friendly meal for them. Set up is equally important, of course. How many kids and what ages are they? The younger they are, the more they need Mom and Dad. Be prepared to order high chairs for your youngest guests. High chairs not only are a safe place for the little ones to eat but they do work to keep them in one place too. If you have older kids, you can do a separate table. You can cover it with paper instead of traditional linen and give them crayons to use on it.

What foods will you serve to the kids?

Quite often you can match the kids items to the adult menu or use some items for both. Pasta, mashed potatoes and most veggies are all pretty kid friendly. The most popular items are chicken fingers or nuggets with french fries or macaroni and cheese. While you can choose those items, you don’t have to be limited. You can choose a grilled chicken instead of fried. You can do turkey legs or mini burgers. Mini foods are great for kids. Sliders can be done in beef, turkey or even mini veggie burgers. You can do mini hot dogs that are slider sized too. Miniature pizzas are a great hors d’oeuvre for adult guests and doubles as a fun part of the kids meal too. Try pigs in a blanket and watch the adults go crazy for them too.

You can serve pasta in 100 variations and the kids will love it. This is especially easy if you are getting pasta as part of your dinner. It can be as simple as pasta with butter and peas to a rosa sauce and veggies or marinara with meatballs.

You can serve the kids family style. Serving the kids at their own table family style eliminates wandering kids. Do tacos that they can choose toppings for or even serve the pasta and let them choose toppings. When you talk toppings, you can do practically anything, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes and salad can be served on each plate and let them choose the toppings that they like. It’s almost like telling kids to play with their food. There’s not to many kids who don’t like to do that.

You can continue that style with dessert. Plain cake with icing in different colors, or ice cream with toppings can be served right at the table.

You might want an older child or a dedicated server to work with the kids table if they need any help. No matter what style you choose, you can keep the kids busy with creative and delicious food.


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